That’s right folks it’s been 1 year since the release of Novo Babylonia Episode 1. So in order to celebrate this joyous occasion we are releasing the first script below!

——————————– Act One ——————-

Sheridan in a lift:


Lift : Destination please?

DS:  the nearest bar and step on it.


Lift: There are no bars in this complex.

DS: Damn! somewhere I can get something to eat then?


Lift: there are 14 eateries in this complex, please be more specific…

DS: Damn it! the nearest one – I don’t care.


Lift: Very well, please wait, (sung) transporting…

<lift moving sound>

DS: Strategic and Tactical Commander, what a load of twelve day old spoo. If President Ivanova thinks i’m gonna play nurse maid to a load of wet, whinging, malcontent alliance members; then she has another think coming.  Damn it! How could Auntie Susan do this to me? I was just getting used to earth force protocol and now this. I worked so damned hard to get my commission..

<wibble sound>

DS: for god’s sake!, where is that hand comm? ah here it is <sounds of rustling>


DS: Sheridan here, go ahead. (firmly)


Comms: Commander Sheridan, ISA comms here. Your ministerial attache: V’Tan is waiting for your arrival at your office. Shall I tell him you are on your way?

DS: (sighs) fine. tell him I’m on my way.

Comms: Thank you Commander, I will relay your message immediately, ISA Comms out.


DS: (groans) Transport stop.

<lift stopping sound>

LIft: Destination please?

DS:  4th floor, second enclave; Strategic and Tactical Commanders’ Office

Lift:  STC Office, (sung) Transporting….

<lift moving sound>

<arrival beep>

——————————- Act Two —————–

Lift: Destination achieved, STC office. (sung) Doors opening.

<opening doors sound>

<footsteps and then stops abruptly>

DS: Oh great! they’ve even put my name on the door. Commander David Sheridan. Strategic and tactical Command. What’s next a Hello sailor welcome mat?

<doors opening>

V’Tan: where have you been?

DS: Excuse me?

V’Tan: you are late. I hate late. late is disorganized, disorganized is chaos and chaos is disaster.

DS: (confused)I’m sure it is. you must be V’Tan.

V’Tan: indeed. enough with the pleasantries. I will tell you now, I was not consulted about the position and I aim not to be here too much longer.

DS: Me too. Great! we’ve got something in common

V’Tan: Barrgh! insolence. I can not understand why the president chose you at all.

DS: neither do I, I’m not sure i’m the right person for the job. But here I am, and until something changes, I have a job to do.

V’Tan: As do I.

DS: So (sitting down), tell me about yourself. 

V’Tan: There is not much to tell.

DS: that (pause) I do not believe. I find minbari interference to be common place. For a race of self proclaimed pacifists, you sure are nosey.

V’Tan: (chuckles) now that IS interesting.. what exactly did you base that opinion on?

DS: My experience of Minbar and it’s closed door society is rather colourful to say the least considering my mother’s lineage.

V’Tan: Your mother is not regarded as a true minbari –

DS: (int) MY mother is satai and a former ambassador, I have witnessed how the so called civilised Minbari people have outcast her and protracted stories of her betrayl of the Minbari people.

V’Tan: Yes she did! She chose a human to be her mate, she used the trilumary to change herself in to a half human – half minbari abomination!

DS: (angry) JUST LIKE ME….. (pause), I am part Minbari. Oh i may look human, but I have the spirit and the heart of a Minbari. I have endured the years of ridicule and hatred from the warrior cast, viewed as unclean by the religous cast and more or less ignored by the worker class. Minbari are hypocrites. So perfect! Minbari never make mistakes. if it wasn’t for Valen the Minbari would be long extinct by now, Valen was the one who brought the Minbari tribes together, Valen was the one who split the Minbari into the three casts and Valen was the one who laid down the laws that all Minbari live by.

V’Tan: that is true –

DS: Yes it is! Valen – a Minbari who is not of Minbari, Otherwise known as Jeffery Sinclair, a human! Valen was a human. 

V’Tan: (dismissive) Impossible! That is speculation with no supportive facts –

DS: no supportive facts? Are the Minbari so used to hiding the truth that they cannot even remember the secrets that they are protecting? Why do you think that the trilumary glowed when my mother was first initiated into the grey council? it was Ducat who proclaimed that Delenn was discended from Valen. It was the same trilumary that was used on Sinclair when he was captured at the battle of the line and it showed him to be a match, That’s why the advance on Earth was stopped, Minbari do not kill Minbari, and humans and minbari are the same. They are one.

V’Tan: I do not know what you’re talking about…

DS: (suprised) You do not know? former ex-grey council member V’Tan of the warrior cast and former master trainer for the An’La’Shok, does not know of the secrets he keeps? I see you are surprised that I know who you are. But I do. that’s my job, To know things. To know the who, what, where and when of everything, I don’t need baby sitting V’Tan. I don’t need some interferring busy body from the warrior cast trying to keep me from doing my job.

V’Tan: (nervously) That is not my purpose here. I am merely a liason between the Strategic and Tacitcal Command and the Minbari Government.

DS: Bull. I know what you’re here for. You’re here to find out how much I know. How much my mother has told me, how much President Ivanova has relayed to me and I know more than you think. tell me V’Tan, how close to completion is the Novo Project?

V’Tan: What ARE you talking about?

DS: ha ha! that is exactly what I’ve been saying.

V’Tan: I’m sorry, I don’t follow

DS: That Minbari arrogance. You can’t be trusted, so you’ll get little information from me.

V’Tan: Just the attitude I expected from you. you think that you are so important? You talk about trust? do you know how much we trust you? It’s less than you imagine.

DS: The President trusts me enough to give me this job, that’s good enough for me.

V’Tan: The President? President Ivanova is a single voice. There are those in the Interstella Alliance who would sooner kill you than have you in this office. There are those who will never trust you, those who will also doubt you until you can prove yourself.

DS: and what reason would they have for doubting me?

V’Tan: Put yourself in their position, would you trust you? would you trust someone who was under the influence of a great enemy, one that took so many innocent lives?

DS: the Drahk keeper wasn’t my fault –

V’Tan: It was your keeper David, you were under the control of the Servants of the Shadows. This even lead to the capture of your mother and father –

DS: that was Molari! He was under the control of the Shadows, he was the one who gave my parents the hidden keeper. All I did was open it on my 16th birthday.

V’Tan: It was YOUR mind that was under control regardless of who sent you the keeper. How can we trust someone who has been touched by darkness? How can we trust YOU david?

DS: I’m not that 16 year old anymore, and Molari removed the keeper when he returned me to my mother. Molari told me that there was nothing left of the keeper, that it had all been removed.

V’Tan: Is that why you are rubbing you left shoulder?

DS: that’s just where the keeper used to be, I do it subconsciously.

V’Tan: Subconscious or not. You cannot be trusted.

DS: Then you’ll have to learn to trust me. I have a job to do. You never answered my question about the Novo Project.

V’Tan: I chose not to.

DS: It is pathetic how you dance around your secrets –

V’Tan: Almost as pathetic as your position here.

DS: On that, we can agree.

V’Tan: Commander, I have other pressing things to attend to, can we save this verbal jousting to another time? I have my official duties to do, I need to inform you of the current political status of the alliance. The Centari and Drazi are amassing forces on either side of the Pak’Ma’Ra corridor. We have still no official channels open for either side. The Pak’Ma’Ra ambassador has once again pleaded with the ISA council for aid. The Rangers are low on resources, the whitestar fleet is spread too thinly through the alliance territories. There is nothing more they can do, unless we leave the minor scurmishes uncontrolled, I cannot see an end to the current Centari-Drazi conflict.

DS: What about the political efforts? 

V’Tan: without the official channels open on both sides we have no way to mediate.

DS: surely Emperor Cotto wouldn’t allow such things to happen –

V’Tan: Emperor Cotto, is incommunicado. There has been no word from the imperial palace since the conflict began.

DS: That’s strange, I know Vir Cotto, he would not break ties with the alliance so completely, there would always be a way.

V’Tan: I cannot comment

DS: But you should tell me about the Novo Project.

V’Tan: I cannot comment

DS: Cannot or will not V’Tan?

V’Tan: I will not

DS: Then let me tell you what I know about the Novo project.